2022’s Art Basel was bigger than ever

2022’s Art Basel was bigger than ever

By Rachel Galvin

When you are planning to go to Art Basel Miami, you know that wearing comfortable shoes is essential. After all, you will be spending hours perusing art from all over the world throughout the Miami Beach Convention Center. For this reporter, my footwear of choice was sneakers and my time spent browsing through one fantastic piece of art after another was over four hours. It is easy to get lost in the maze of art, despite the map provided. I get lost every year, as I happen down the next aisle and see some gleaming sculpture on the side that I swear I never saw before, and jog over to see it, only to forget where I began.

But, being lost in Art Basel is no great tragedy. In fact, it is exactly the type of experience you want. Each corner brings a welcome surprise as piece after piece entertains and engages the senses. Some artists create welcoming work that is familiar and feels like home, while others present work that is jarring and makes you think. Since I have attended so many of these in the past, I always look for art that seems new and different. This year’s exhibit provided plenty to ponder from its small works to its large-scale displays.

This year was bigger than ever as they celebrated their 20th anniversary. There were 282 premier galleries from 38 countries and territories, including 25 galleries participating in the fair for the first time, as well as multiple international exhibitors returning to the show after a brief hiatus.

“This year’s fair was particularly exceptional. The quality and ambition of work in the halls has arguably never been higher, sales have been reported across all sectors, and the city has been electric,” said Noah Horowitz, CEO, Art Basel. “Over the last 20 years, Greater Miami has firmly become a cultural destination of the highest order, with this week cementing itself as the apex moment in the American cultural calendar. We couldn’t be more excited about what the future has in store for us here.”

“Our 20th edition was not only the largest ever, but also the strongest in terms of the absolute quality of work,’ said Marc Spiegler, the outgoing global director of Art Basel. “And it had the most diverse range of galleries and artistic voices ever present, making this show remarkably rich in discoveries. We are immensely proud of what has been achieved together with our galleries, partners and the city’s cultural community.”

Did you miss Art Basel Miami this year? There is always next year. For more information, visit www.artbasel.com/miami-beach. In the meantime, check out some of the photos below of some of the artworks that caught my attention. Look for more soon on the Let’s Talk Magazine Facebook page!

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