Lighten up! Let Stan the Candy Man Show You the Way

Lighten up! Let Stan the Candy Man Show You the Way

By Rachel Galvin

This last year has brought everyone down in more ways than one, but a shiny new year is upon us. Now is the time to clean up and start anew! Getting a fresh start isn’t just about clearing old things out. It is also about bringing in new things. Why not start with a little happiness in your life? It is amazing what a bit of brightness in your home can do to elevate your mood for 2021.

Artist Stanford Slutsky knows a thing or two about joyful creations. The quarantine starting in 2020 didn’t affect this happy-go-lucky artist. No, he spent his time doing what he does best… creating great pop art. Working in his home/ studio, his garage, he has been busily making little pockets of sunshine. His pop art has garnered a lot of attention for those seeking escape from current events over the last year. Drawn in by the bright colors and fun style, people find his pieces bring back a sense of nostalgia, memories of a happier yesteryear.

It is magical how Stanford, known as “Stan the Candy Man,” can take a few items and turn them into large-size ice cream bars, pops, cake, candies, cookies … and also bagels, hamburgers, pizza and more. Walking around his house and seeing his pieces on the wall is like being a kid in a candy store. It brings a smile to your face. That is the sentiment the 79-year-old award-winning artist always strives for. 

The artist is based in Boynton Beach but began his journey in Pittsburgh, PA. He moved to the Sunshine State in 1983. He began in Hollywood where he worked to develop an art district and even a performing arts theater, as well as providing housing for 35 artists. Meanwhile, his own art blossomed and he found his pieces shown in numerous galleries and museums not only locally, but across the country, and even overseas in the United Kingdom. 

These days, people call or FaceTime him, or go to his website to inquire about a piece. He sells most of his pieces online and loves talking to art lovers as they pick the piece that is perfect for them. He also spends time with his wife, Kathy. They have been married for 58 years now. He has three children and six grandchildren from their happy union.

Slutsky has a Peter Pan sensibility. Ever-young, he surrounds himself with all of his artwork. It is all over his walls, in his living room, bedroom and beyond. Perhaps there is some magic in his artwork. He loves passing on his own fountain of youth to others through his pieces. After all, each piece is a flashback to childhood memories… days when an ice cream bar could make everything all better.

Ready for a bit of that magic to grace your home? Find more about the magic maker himself, Stanford Slutsky by visiting his website at

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