Ancestral Fashion Show: Bringing the spirit of Ghana to South Florida

Ancestral Fashion Show: Bringing the spirit of Ghana to South Florida

By Rachel Galvin

Bold and bright, traditional and forward-thinking … that is the fashion of Ghana, and it was brought into focus in an intimate fashion show held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The show took place in an outdoor venue called Jazzy’s Hideaway. The event brought in fashionistas and influencers who soaked in the cultural infusion as model after model showcased the fashions. It was all made possible by show curator Karen Hendrickson, who brought the one-of-a-kind fashions from Ghana designers. She included both men’s and women’s styles, from casual to haute couture. She explained at length the significance of each type of fashion.

Guests could have some ethnic food or grab a drink and chat with others while Hendrickson and a few others were interviewed by the media. Hendrickson explained that her main job is not actually in fashion, but rather she is the CEO of a health company called Rabito Clinic and the founder of Visual Orator. But fashion is her passion. She also enjoys gardening, so Jazzy’s Hideaway with its beautiful trees was a perfect way to incorporate nature into the show.

“I love fashion,” said Hendrickson. “I love showcasing people who don’t have an opportunity or platform.”

The show included eight models, each with six outfits. She included people of all body types.

“I wanted to drive home to people a mental vision that Africa is not what they are thinking by showing different types of clothing. Fashion is such a great medium,” she said.

Kimberly Douglas and the FLOW Film Festival helped to connect Hendrickson and her husband, Prince Richard, with the owner of Jazzy’s Hideaway. The festival’s awards were presented at the venue. Prince Richard was a producer of a film in the festival called “Sodom & Gomorrah.”

Hendrickson will continue to be involved in fashion in the Bahamas and Ghana, and may even return to South Florida.
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  1. Hi Rachel, great article! My name is Laureen, my team with the Estrada Twins met you at the Beauty Boca Event at The Addison. Do you have images of the looks? I’d love to connect!

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