Soul Speak: Miami Dances Celebrates the Art of Movement

Soul Speak: Miami Dances Celebrates the Art of Movement

Pictured: Ballet Vero Beach performing “Finch Concerto.” Photo by Rachel Galvin

Story By Rachel Galvin

A step, a leap, a pas de bourree … no matter the movements, dance has the ability to convey emotion, tell a story and make your heart leap … Soul stirring and evocative, this artistic expression takes many forms.

For the 2nd year, the event entitled Miami Dances showcased a wide variety of genres of dance over a two-day period… from foot-stomping flamenco to graceful ballet, from thought-provoking modern pieces to more classical renditions. And on the final night, Karen Peterson & Dancers touched hearts with inclusive numbers featuring dancers with and without disabilities moving together as one.

This year’s event took place May 10-11 at the Sandrell Rivers Theater, at 6103 NW 7th Avenue in Miami. Each night included seven performances, and before they began, there was a performance in the lobby.

Following the performances, the choreographers had a chance to speak and answer questions at the end. They also handed out surveys and each one had a number that was automatically entered into a raffle for prizes.

In addition, they had a master dance class on May 5 with Christina Johnson and John Harnage.

Once again, Miami Dances found a way to spotlight performers while inspiring attendees with multicultural and inclusive dance numbers.

To find out more about the event, which was hosted by Miami Dance Hub, visit

Photos were taken on May 11, by Rachel Galvin

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