Flamingo Las Vegas Partners with Fames Designer Jonathan Adler

Flamingo Las Vegas Partners with Fames Designer Jonathan Adler

Famed designer Jonathan Adler has partnered with Flamingo Las Vegas, using their 75 year history as inspiration. He has elevated some of the style elements throughout the resort, including an exclusive lamp, which was inspired by –what else?– a flamingo! Other elements he worked on include sculptures, mugs and even poker chip sets. His items are now available within the store or ordered by phone at 702-733-3361. He also added his keen sense of style to the newly-opened Bugsy & Meyer Steakhouse, designing a custom hand-beaded flamingo piece that took nearly 100 hours to make.

Famed potter and designer Jonathan Adler
Photo credit: Todd Tankersley

“Flamingo Las Vegas is an icon – it’s impossible to think of Las Vegas without thinking of the Flamingo,” said Adler. “It was a thrill to be able to create a collection that combines Flamingo Las Vegas’ rich history with my favorite fresh, modern colors, patterns and the glamour of the city itself. Forget tiny shampoo bottles – these pieces are what you’ll want to stuff in your suitcase to take home.”

Ken Janssen, senior vice president and general manager of Flamingo Las Vegas, said, “We are grateful and thrilled that Jonathan Adler has lent his remarkable talent to Flamingo Las Vegas. Adler has focused his fresh and modern approach to style to creatively marry the classic Vegas appeal that Flamingo has embodied for nearly 75 years. We are certain our guests will appreciate his skillful design work in each hotel room and throughout the resort.” 

Early last year, the resort completed a $156 million room renovation. The remodeled rooms have a contemporary feel and retro-chic vibe with hues of gold and pops of flamingo pink. One of the new elements was adding bunk bed rooms and one of the largest dedicated Bunk Bed Suites in the United States.

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